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What do you do when the condom breaks?

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    Is there anything you can do after a condom breaks when you're having sex?


    Aren't there some meds you can take soon afterwards that will keep you from getting infected with HIV?


    Yes there is a program called PEP- Post Exposure Prophylaxis (disease prevention). Back in the day only nurses and professionals used it if they got stuck by a needle or had some contact with HIV at work. In 2005 everyone could start getting this. You start it as soon after you came in contact with HIV (within 3 days).
    It doesn't stop HIV in EVERYONE.
    It can cost a lot.
    It takes taking some gnarley HIV medication for at least a month.

    But the option is out there.

    There is more info here



    Yes just like SlimB stated, PEP is basically anti-retrovirals or medications that HIV positive folks use to control the virus in their bodies. Someone who may have had an exposure to HIV can take these medications for a full month to prevent an infection from happening. There are even some studies out there that are investigating the use of PREP Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. So, before someone has an exposure, they would start an HIV medication regimen. This, however, is currently only being considered for people who are at 'HIGH RISK' of infection (e.g. partners of HIV+ folks, sex workers, injection drug users, etc).


    Honestly, I would definitely grab an EC (emergency contraception) but, going to the clinic immediately after, no. I'm in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend who is also monogamous. I get tested every 3 months and I'm always having the "knowing your status" talk with my BF. For the most part I feel safe with a risk.


    You bring up a good point - there are two separate concerns involved in this question: 1) concerning pregnancy and 2) concerning risks for sexually transmitted infections. You seem to describe a situation where - risk for sexually transmitted infections is reduced - by setting boundaries (monogamy) and through open communication with one's partner about frequent testing and risk reduction. In which case, it make sense that you would only be concerned about preventing a potential pregnancy.

    However, I am not saying this is the case for you - I'm speaking more generally and widely to the group of young women in the U.S. - the highest risk for females is heterosexual sex with 'committed partners'. It is not uncommon to hear girls say, "but he said he was faithful", or "but, It was my first time." The bottom line - is that the only person who can ensure that you are safe and stay healthy is yourself.


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