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Is it normal for an FTM who has not started hormone therapy to wake up aroused?

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  • Started 3 years ago by Professor Xvr
  • Latest reply from godslove2010

    Is it normal for an FTM who has not started hormone therapy to wake up aroused? [Question from Safer Sex Textline]


    During adolescence, our bodies go through some very rapid changes. It is common for both females and males, at this time to experience increased levels of sexual interest and arousal. So, in a nut shell, you're quiet normal in waking up feeling happens to everybody, especially teens/youth.


    I wake up aroused alot, and sometimes when I am in public I get aroused for no reason. Those experience have sometimes been quite embarrising, they made me feel like a perve because I would have to adjust it....


    I know what you mean - sometimes it can be pretty 'awkward' having to adjust one's package...but its a natural reaction, while we have some form of control over our arousal - especially as we become older - our power comes through 'suggestion' - not direct control! In the end, I think only really prude people would take offense - and most people will think its funny - if you have enough courage to play it off - you can use it to your advantage and make it a very special 'compliment' - it may not work - but if it does - JACKPOT!!

    If you are more reserved and just would rather avoid the situation completely - try the old locker room trick - find your 'cooling code' - this could be things that instantly turn you off - "like baby animals, grandma/grandpa" or whatever works for you!! Its works best when you can focus on one picture and repeat the words mentally and you can actually will a hard moment into an easier one!!


    so yes, it is very common for a person to wake up aroused, i have woke up a many morning aroused and was not right until i i did something about it.


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