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My HIV results are inconclusive...

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  • Started 2 years ago by Safer-Sex Textline (510.754.1334)
  • Latest reply from Professor Xvr

    My HIV test results came back inconclusive, should I be worried?


    Nope, this usually means that the te4st was bad, either the sample collected was poor, the temperature was wrong, or many other things can cause an HIV test to come back inconclusive.

    Only you know if you have had 'high-risk' exposures (which means you have come into contact with at least one of the five fluids that can transmit HIV - blood, breast milk, cum, precum and vaginal secretions). It is important to know that these fluids have to come from a person who is infected or whose status you do not know in order to be 'high-risk' exposures.

    If you think you have had 'high-risk exposures, it is highly recommended that you get tested again, specially if you have had contact with any of these fluids on a regular basis.

    But an inconclusive HIV test result does not tell us anything about the likelihood of you HIV status being one way or another!


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