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    I am so curious, please let me know, how do you use an anal douche.


    Hi Falcon,

    I would gladly like to answer your inquiry regarding your enthusiasm on anal hygiene. One of the first reasons that I use anal douche, better known as an enema is for hygienic purposes. Human feces in itself contains lots of things that can be harmful to one's health. For example, if it were to be accidentally eaten one could get exposed to parasites such as E. Coli and many more things you probably wouldn't want. It's good advise make sure the rectum/colon are cleaned out before engaging in anal sex. There's many more reason's aside from just being hygienic about the whole situation but ill leave it up to your imagination.

    There are many anal douches ranging in shape and size out in the market, your local retail drug store most likely carries standard products brands. If you want one with an edge or maybe something unique to fit your own taste, the internet can be your best option for purchasing one. Especially if you want to be discreet and have it delivered to your door instead of having to stand in line at your local retail drug store.

    When I douche, I usually start with round one a long hot shower and clean my body from head to toe. Once I got that done I usually go for the "Combination Douche, Enema and Water Bottle System" that can be purchased at your local Walgreen's for about twelve bucks. I suggest you go purchase one if you have not yet done so, they come with picture diagrams that are pretty self explanatory.

    For starters, you would have to make sure the insertion tip is slightly lubricated before inserting it into your anus. Once it is in, I release the lock on the system and relax. You have begun, what I now call 'round two'. I usually feel pressure building up and that's when I start taking deep breaths. It can feel very uncomfortable if it's your first time or aren't used to the feeling of water going into your rectum/colon. I usually only take the amount of water that I can take, now that can vary person to person don't overdo it because it is possible to hurt yourself. When I have reached my limit (it feels like I just ate too much food and I am really full) I step aside from the running water and hold it in while it serves its purpose. Next, I towel dry and proceed to the toilet where I relax like taking a pee. The procedure can repeated as needed, it can be one or two or three times depending on your hygienic needs. Round three consists of rinsing my body once more and depending on the amount of time, little other things that will make the purpose of the whole ordeal worth while and ready for the KNOCKOUT ROUND!!! Hope you find this helpful!

    With great optimism on your future endeavors,
    Americo LaCienega


    Well, I will most certainly do so. However, what if I can't make it to the toilet. Does the enema make the stool watery as well? Should I just do it over a toilet to be safe? Is it true that you can use these items to lose weight? If so, is it like getting a colonic? Does it hurt afterward? If it cleans you out, how do know your all the way clean?


    What is the difference between a douche and enema? I have douched before, it was very refreshing. I found myself doing it once, then twice, now I make sure that I do it before sexual intercourse. However, it is necessary to shower and use a toilet (as said by Americo LaCienega).


    I got to throw out there that anal douching is not a safe sex recommended practice. Some studies done have shown it can increase HIV infection rates. If you are going to have anal sex it is safer to not douche out. The reason for this is that you want some of your own body's juices to help lubrication. When you douche before sex you’re cleaning yourself out which can help irritate your anus causing easier pain or bleeding, which in turn can increase your chance of infection. To be as safe as you can be while having fun with anal sex use a latex condom and lots of water based lube. And if you still decided to douche out and clean up before you play make sure to still grab that condom and maybe a little extra lube… ~sb


    Anal douching is an art form. It is not a practice that one can explain from start to finish. The finished product is one of the creators preference. That being said, YOU AIN'T CLEAN UNTIL YOU SAY YOU ARE!!!! Now we all know, those of us that are not virgins to the douching lifestyle, that this is a process. Personally, I will spend the entire morning making sure my innards are squeaky clean before I leave my throne room. I can douche for hours and still see brown-tinged fluids, BUT IM NOT A QUITTER!!!! Go until its done. When water flows from your bottom looking as pure as Evian, you're done. Simple as that. If you still see color in your water, rinse and repeat. And remember, only you can stop forest fires.


    P.S. a professional just told me that warm-water enemas coupled with lots of lubrication and correct and consistent use of condoms actually decreases your risk factor. They warm water can relax your anal passage and, with this done, prevent tearing and fissures. Coming out with a clean bum in simply a bonus. :)


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