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How does one take an HIV test?

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  • Started 2 years ago by Safer-Sex Textline (510.754.1334)
  • Latest reply from Professor Xvr

    What can you tell me about taking a hiv test and more


    HIV testing should be part of your annual health maintenance plan, just like you go see a doctor or a dentist on an annual basis - you should get tested for STDs and HIV at least once every year.

    Getting tested for STD can be as easy as providing a urine sample and a blood sample. These sample's test for the most common STDs (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis).

    To get tested for HIV, you do not need to provide blood, you just need to 'smile' widely so we can collect check and gum cell samples. The tests takes 20 minutes to process and looks for the presence of HIV-antibodies in the sample provided. If we find HIV anti-bodies in the sample provided, this is called a preliminary positive. The presence of anti-bodies does not always mean an active infection, it just says that you were exposed to the HIV virus. So confirm an active infection, we do one of many confirmatory tests. When testing on-site at the DYC, we usually opt for a blood sample. In off-site testing events, we will use a two-minute ora-sure test - which will be sent to a laboratory for confirmation.


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