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Can an HIV+ person have kids, if they are on meds?

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  • Started 2 years ago by Safer-Sex Textline (510.754.1334)
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    Does an HIV+ person still have to have his sperm washed, if they are on meds and are undetectable?


    This a great question to ask our docs, I will refer this question to them - expect a response within the next few days!


    If you are HIV positive, you CAN have a child that is HIV negative.

    If you are an HIV positive mother to be, you must see an HIV doctor, get prenatal care and take HIV medications during your pregnancy to reduce your viral load to decrease the chance of passign the virus to the infant at birth. And after birth, the infant takes HIV medications for a few months to ensure that they do not become HIV positive. HIV positive mothers are strongly encouraged to not breast feed their babies. HIV is transmitted through breast milk.

    If you are an HIV positive man, you have two options. You can meet an HIV positive woman and can decide to have a child together. Again, the HIV positive mother must be in medical care and take HIV medications during the pregnancy. Or, if you have an HIV negative female partner, you can get your sperm washed. Sperm washing removes viral copies from semen, leaving the "clean" sperm behind. After the sperm washing procedure, your sperm will then be inserted into the female's ovum. The zygote (ovum+sperm) is then inserted into your female partner's uterus where it will attach and develop into a fetus then into a baby after birth.

    I know it sounds complicatedm and it is, but where there is a will there is a way. Sperm washing is the only sure way that you will not transmit the virus to your partner.

    Good luck!


    Both men and women who are HIV Positive can reproduce. we are lucky to have made such great advances in HIV Medicine and Care. If this is something that is of interest of you I highly recommend you have this conversation with your medical health care provider. having children is a beautiful lifelong commitment and one of life's gifts for those who choose to embark on the path of creating families!


    of course you can


    This is good information to know. I'll make sure to pass it on.


    yes, he or she can have a neg- child the correct steps are made


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